3 Tips for Making Your Website Convert

Have you ever wondered…
why your new or established business has not been able to get the conversion you’d hoped for? You’re not alone. We all have been there. Before you despair about your current marketing efforts you need to make sure you have a good grasp on the average conversion rates of your market. Know your competitors and reverse engineer what’s working for them by using a web designer in Seattle. You need to consider using the services of a quality Inbound Marketing Agency, Fannit

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Whoa… Reverse Engineer?

web designer seattleSeriously, why re-create the wheel here. Your reading this post to glean something important for your business that is going to make you money. Don’t think you need to come up with a new strategy for your industry because you need to prove how creative you area. Creativity flows from a mind that already understands every successful avenue that their competitors have taken. If you’re tired of looking for a quality web designer, consider using the Seattle Web Design Company Fannit.

1. Take your top 5 competitors and notice how they’ve setup their website for conversion – Create a design layout strategy for your website based upon what has worked in the past with your competitors.

2. What types of phrases and wordage do your competitors use? Your big competitors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to make sure their phraseology is resounding with their target market. Take a few tips from them and do the same yourself.

3. Develop a conversion funnel on your homepage that focuses on one primary conversion point – Perhaps your sell multiple items or services but, you should hone down those items or services to one main thing or category. Steer your target market where you want them to go. Especially if they are a new customer and feel unfamiliar with your online eCommerce store.

Don’t forget to sleep on your ideas. Marketing can be exhausting. Some of my best ideas happen in the morning when I’ve labored over a concept the previous day and decided to just sleep on the problem. It’s amazing how the mind can work things out while we’re sleeping!

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